Shine even brighter for your glamorous events


We are happy to offer a complete service to take care of your look during your special events. Together we will create a style that perfectly suits your taste and the atmosphere of the event. This is how we will take care of you:

Special Hair Style:

1. Personalized consultation: We will begin with a consultation to understand your desires and preferences for hairstyling. You can share inspiration photos or tell us about your desired style.

2. Hairstyle trial: Before the event, we will arrange a hairstyle trial to make sure the final result is exactly what you want. During the trial, you will be able to provide feedback and make any changes. 

3. Hairstyling on the day of the event: On the day of the event, we will welcome you to our salon or go to the designated location. We will take care of your hairstyle using professional tools and high-quality products to ensure a long-lasting and flawless result.

Special Make Up 

1. Cpersonalized onsultation: Before makeup, we will have a consultation to understand the look you wish to achieve. We will discuss your color preferences, event style, and strengths to create a customized makeup look.

2. Makeup rehearsal: We will also arrange a makeup rehearsal for define the look perfect for you. You will be able to see how the makeup fits your face and make any changes to achieve the desired result.

3. Makeup on the day of the event: On the day of the event, we will take care of your makeup following the design established during the rehearsal. We will use high-quality products and professional techniques to highlight your natural beauty and create long-lasting makeup.

Whether you want a natural, bright style or a bolder, more sophisticated look, our goal is to make you feel beautiful and confident during your special events. Contact us for more information about our services and to book a personalized consultation.